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 3-160422233P0.jpg                 Management and management
 In the past more than 10 years, in the process of continuous management and practice, we have developed the spirit of creativity and innovation, and find out some ways of management and management which are suitable for the scale of their own enterprises, and at the same time are more innovative.
Production management innovation
 Under the guidance of lean production management, we launched the production and management of manufacturing systems. With the ERP management system as the business process operation platform, through the procurement, production, inventory and delivery four management systems management systems, to achieve the production process, finished product warehouse, product delivery and other comprehensive information production management.
 12.jpg                 Marketing mode innovation
In order to make more consumers buy our products in place of touch, we actively create channel management and promote the fine management of the construction of sales outlets. At present, there are a total of 400 sales and service outlets in the country. In order to conform to the trend of consumption change in the network era, we have formed a professional operation group of electronic commerce. The team has greatly increased the market share of the products.
Innovation of performance management
 Since 2013, we have fully introduced the model of performance excellence management. Through reasonable human resources policy staff, we help employees to make progress, promote the common development of enterprises and employees, promote the realization of corporate strategic objectives, form a performance oriented enterprise culture, and make strategy formulation through the performance management model of Zhuo Yue. The standardization and systematization of management and execution have injected new vitality into the sustainable development of enterprises.
 7.jpg                 Professional and specialized research and development system
We have gathered a group of the best R & D personnel in the whole industry, and have a complete set of R & D system. With the first class talent resources and hardware resources of R & D center, the advanced innovation system of Tejjer has led the innovation and upgrading of the industry once and again.
Patent R & D Award
 Since the establishment of the brand, we insist on customer centered product innovation and launch a large number of domestic leading products of technology and quality. Its research and development difficulty, professional height and application value are all led to the industry, and have obtained more than 40 patents. It is the starting and setting unit of the national standard of the intelligent toilet industry.
 10.jpg                 High and new technology R & D Center
In 2016, we set up a high-tech R & D center to take a step forward to realize the great dream of "great nation's ingenuity and national backbone".
Advanced product control system                  20170403163089298929.jpg                
 5.jpg                 Establishment of R & D Center Laboratory
As early as 2010, we reclaimed the construction of professional and authoritative R & D center. After years of development, the testing capabilities and means of the testing center not only meet the needs of the products and parts of the company, but also provide a strong guarantee for the quality control of the products, as well as in many countries in China and in the world. Standard testing requirements.
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