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Zhejiang Tejjer Intelligent Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd, established in 2006,  specializes in intelligent toilet, a collection of R &D, production, sales for the integration of national high-tech industry enterprise.

Plant s fully automated, with modern factory buildings, automated production line, auto data collection and analysis system testing machine and Quasi-CNAS Lab. Annual output of up to 1 million units of intelligent toilet and covers.


In 2010,  Tejjer made innovation of instant heat converter technique as China First Capital,  laid the foundation for the industry to eliminate water tank storage-type intelligent toilet.

Tejjer has participated in the drafting and preparation of intelligent toilet technical standards such as industry standards, alliance standards, association standards, national standards, etc. Has passed more than ten authoritative certifications such as CQC, ISO9001, EU CE, ROHS, etc. Has acquired numbers of honors such as "National High-tech Enterprise", "National Quality Integrity Enterprise", "China Smart Bathroom Product Gold Award" and "Top 10 Intelligent Toilet Enterprise" etc. Has interviewed by CCTV " Topics in Focus ", "Dialogue", "Struggle" for its vigorous development and good reputation.

Now。 Tejjer sales network spreads all over the country, exported to Europe, America, Middle East, South America and a series of countries or regions。

Tejjer promises it will continue to bring healthier and more comfortable lives to customers with cutting-edge technology , superior design , superior quality and perfect service。

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